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Greg Freeman

Greg Freeman


You’re in good hands.

Recently I was CTO of iFunded, a digital and blockchain-based real estate investment platform based in Berlin, Germany.

With €20.5 million raised through the platform so far and 5-10% expected return per annum. We used the Ethereum blockchain to tokenize real estate investments and issue security tokens, built a security token issuance platform and made it easy for investors to create secure wallets. Consensys Dilligence did a smart contract audit that passed with flying colors.

Prior to that I held other CTO roles in the adtech space in New York and Toronto, Canada where I focused on data integrity in the advertising supply chain.

I’m also the founder of SmartDeveloper, a company that makes it easy to get predictable results from remote development teams.

All up I have more than 15 years of hands-on experience and 8 years as a CTO with a strong network in Europe and North America.

The CTO title is broad and confusing to many. My focus is on people and clear communication while still being deeply involved technically.

I find that you can save a lot of time and money by asking the right questions in the right way to identify the technical gaps before they cause you problems.


Guest on the Decrypting Crypto Podcast

I spoke with Matthew Barby in depth on how security tokens are going to shape the future of private investments over the coming years, why Ethereum is the best choice and how to bridge the “off-chain” and “on-chain” worlds. You can learn more about the episode at thecoinoffering.com or listen to it on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Speaking at the Frankfurt School of Finance – Blockchain Center

Presentation on the tokenization of real estate at “STO Day: Leveraging Security Tokens and Blockchain to Build the Future of Capital Markets“. Topics included security token offerings, token standards, investor wallets, AML / KYC restrictions and smart contract capital distributions.

Speaking at STO Day in Frankfurt, Germany
Frankfurt School Blockchain Center
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