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Blockchain Consulting

Sometimes you need help to fully form your ideas. It can be helpful to have someone deep dive into what you’re doing and provide clear technical explanations on blockchain topics in discussion with your team, regulators or legal department. We can help you think strategically and save you a lot of time and money.

Blockchain Development Teams

We’ll sort out your development team. We can vet outsourcing partners, get quotes you can rely on or build you a new team with the right mix of employees, contractors or freelancers. We can be your virtual CTO and manage the project for you.

Digital Assets and Security Tokens

Need help with digital assets, asset backed tokens, security tokens, issuance, non-fungible tokens or token standards? we have you covered. We have experience building token issuance and minting platforms from the ground up.

Digital Asset Custody

We’ll help you get clear on asset custody for you or your users. The options available to you, the pitfalls and introduce you to trusted vendors.

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Greg has been a vital resource for transitioning our raw concept to a structured and detailed development.

Greg provided Equal with an 11 page assessment and a multitude of videos that outlined our development cycle, timelines and key hires needed to achieve what we wanted to achieve. His level of technical expertise especially in blockchain technology is unparalleled.

One of the key elements that Greg brings is his business domain knowledge. He took the time to understand our project conceptually and then evaluate the development process required; this is particularly invaluable in an environment where developers focus on a job by job basis. We look forward to working with Greg long into the future.

David Di Stefano

CEO, EQUAL Network

Working together at iFunded, I am continually impressed with Greg's abilities as a CTO. He is deeply skilled technically, while at the same time being great at communicating and connecting with all types of stakeholders, from team members to external stakeholders.
Jan Sell

COO, iFunded

The code did not have any major or critical issues. This is quite rare. Kudos to you!

(in regards to the smart contract audit of the ERC-1400 security token implementation seen here.)

Daniel Luca

Security Engineer, ConsenSys Diligence