Blockchain Development Teams

Blockchain development teams you can trust, expertly managed for you.

What do you need to avoid?

Many projects fail because of a lack of understanding of your business domain knowledge.

These unknown unknowns cause a lot of problems and you don’t want to be discovering them late in the project lifecycle.

Think about security tokens, it can require knowledge of capital markets and KYC/AML regulations (know your customer/anti-money laundering). It’s more than just programming skills.

Developers don’t always “get” your business and don’t know how to translate it into code.

Outsourcing vendors are more interested in starting development rather than getting this right in the beginning.

That’s why a solution discovery process and up front assessments can be so helpful.

We help you dig into this up-front and package it up properly before you start engaging development resources.

How we can help you

Development Team Setup

We can build a global development team for you from scratch. Hiring employees, contractors or freelancers depending on your needs. We will source, interview and hire the best candidates. We’ll setup and provide payment systems and time tracking systems for you.

Engage Development Vendors

We can engage outsourcing partners to complete your blockchain project. We’ll act as the technical contact ensuring they fully understand the scope of work and provide accurate quotes. We will vet the companies to ensure they have the required skills and manage the project with timely feedback for you.

Project Management

We can manage the blockchain project for you from start to finish, acting as the CTO. We’ll work with your developers, ensure the right thing is being built on-time, provide feedback and monitor QA processes.

Remote Working Blueprint

Managing in-person is very different to managing remote development teams and outsourcing vendors. You need clear systems and processes to avoid email-chain hell. We have almost a decade of experience managing remote teams and have solved these problems.

Where are you at now?

Which of the following options best describes your situation?

The Ideas Phase

Do you have a blockchain idea and don't know where to go with it? Do you need a CTO? Do you need to know if it's possible? What technology to use, the best token standards, what team is required to build it and finding a development team you can trust?

Startup Looking to Raise or Grow

Do you need to move to the next phase? Do you need to figure out a roadmap, the development team, how much it's going to cost, what to build and what a development cycle and process would look like?

Existing Business Looking to Pivot

Do you have an existing business and are now looking to adopt or pivot to blockchain? Do you need to know if it's feasable? Do you need a deep dive into how your business model maps to blockchain technology?

Large Company Looking to Adopt Blockchain

Do you need to figure out a blockchain strategy? Do you need to get buy-in from stakeholders? Do you need to talk to regulators and lawyers about the technical implications? 

Need something specific or want to know more?

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