Digital Asset Custody

Expert advice on the asset custody options available to you and introductions to trusted partners.

Why do we need custody solutions?

Most people familar with cryptocurrency know that you can setup your own wallet to store tokens and have full control of it. So why do we need custody solutions?

The problems with this is it requires some technical knowledge, it’s not accessible, the recovery seed phrases are clunky, it can be stolen and it can be a single point of failure. So while it is very secure as long as you protect your private keys, it’s not the best choice for business and user experience.

The reason why it’s used often is because it’s secure and simple from the provider’s point of view and legally it’s a clear example of self-custody.

Some companies such as Ledger have created user-friendly secure cold storage devices to manage this process.

But what if you don’t want to force your new users to go through all of this? It would great if you could offer the choice to use their own wallet or to create a secure one through your platform, where you can control the user experience.

Or you may need to store a highly valuable amount of digital assets and don’t want the responsibility of self-custody. You also may want insurance which some custody providers offer.

Or consider a smart contract that represents a digital security, some actions such as a trading halt or a dividend payout must only be run by authorized entities. If you rely on a cold storage wallet for this, what do you do if you don’t have access to the device when you need it? or how do you prevent someone with physical access misusing it?

This is where digital asset custody comes in. It uses HSMs (hardware security modules) and contains features that require multiple people to agree to transactions and automatic rules to prevent misuse.

How we can help you

User Wallets

Creating secure crypto wallets with a custody provider where you don’t need to build or maintain the underlying infrastructure. You’ll get to focus your time on your application and creating a good user experience.

Smart Contract Security

Protecting the sensitive actions on your smart contracts by requiring multiple people to agree to the transaction and having automated rules in place to prevent misuse.

Introduction to Vendors and Partners

Introductions and analysis on custody vendors and partners depending on your needs. Selecting the best option for you.

Where are you at now?

Which of the following options best describes your situation?

The Ideas Phase

Do you have a blockchain idea and don't know where to go with it? Do you need a CTO? Do you need to know if it's possible? What technology to use, the best token standards, what team is required to build it and finding a development team you can trust?

Startup Looking to Raise or Grow

Do you need to move to the next phase? Do you need to figure out a roadmap, the development team, how much it's going to cost, what to build and what a development cycle and process would look like?

Existing Business Looking to Pivot

Do you have an existing business and are now looking to adopt or pivot to blockchain? Do you need to know if it's feasable? Do you need a deep dive into how your business model maps to blockchain technology?

Large Company Looking to Adopt Blockchain

Do you need to figure out a blockchain strategy? Do you need to get buy-in from stakeholders? Do you need to talk to regulators and lawyers about the technical implications? 

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